Right now.

Time progresses so fast in our society we forget to stop and see what beautiful experiences we have in our backyard. We forget to embrace the sacrifices others have endured to make our little space on this earth a one of a kind home. And most importantly we have forgotten how to reach out and make this community enriched by our impact. I live in a city that has unsuccessfully endured a population explosion. We all come from somewhere else so that is not the problem, but the problem occurs when things you loved about the simple life of an average size city disappears. You remember the times when you could easily enjoy the ride across town, friendly faces and fun icons you grew up enjoying. The culture of my city has changed from relaxed and fun loving to uptight and pretentious. I know our community needs money to move forward but does it need the negative impact of being sold out for progress. I look around and see money impacting my paradise in ways that makes me feel like an outsider in my hometown. Progress usually happens gradually so it cannot be seen by the naked eye, but when it happens overnight it becomes disheartening. My town was once a close knit family that now has become disconnected and unfamiliar.  So I want to write this request (right now) and challenge all the new people merging into this amazingly unique city. Please accept our customs, cultures and embrace our love of this city. Become one of our family and enjoy a slower pace ( especially on the roadways). Engage and experience our culture, history and art. Try to avoid competing and paving over our landscape. I love this city and want it to grow, but I do not want it to outgrow all of its charms and social graces that we are famous for.

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