About the Cha Cha Explorers team

Our Team

Becca and Tim Wermund have been exploring the cultural landscape over thirty years during their love affair with each other and the world around them. Having children ignited their need to traverse, learn new perspectives and always discover new horizons. They have traveled the backroads of Texas, the United States, and Europe. We want to connect the world by engaging in other cultures, understanding their views on health and incorporating their artistic viewpoints on a global level. We love when wisdom from the masterpieces of other cultures collide and become the building blocks in creating a great cultural appetite. They are now in the process of creating a simplified lifestyle that will allow them to return to the process of exploration in which CHA CHA Explorers mission was formed.

Tim and Becca

Tim and Becca


Our Mission

To embrace the artistic journeys within our varied cultures, our followers will be encouraged to visually enjoy our country’s rich background as we inspire in them a revived interest in American culture. Utilizing the history of the chosen artwork as a tool of knowledge and empowerment. We will explore America, making both physical and digital connections between a myriad of diversity found in visual mediums. Our vision offers all children an understanding of the past, an honest look at the present, and an exploration into our dreams for a glorious future.


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