Last chance to chime in on 2017

The year 2017 was the year we begin to move away from a normal American lifestyle and cash-in on many years of hard work and dedication. Cha Cha Explorers is regrouping and revamping and taking the adventure on the road for an exploratory mission in Europe and the US before ending the new year with a final bang. We lost a treasured family member, Shirley Wermund, and will honor her as we trace our family roots overseas. We also ended an almost 15-year relationship with two beloved canines. RIP to Panda and Lyndon. We then emptied our nest and found out that we did a pretty good job raising young men. These guys went out and found love and happiness and are moving in a direction that seems to bring them joy. After a long look at what was important to us, we were able to let go many assorted collections and unfinished projects to lighten our material load. We then took an empty shell of a house and brought it into the 20th century. Matching floors through-out, the 1950’s kitchen was gutted, new roof, new siding and even went so far as to remove the dreaded “popcorn” off the ceiling! Now we finally have the house we always wanted. All this hard work of letting go and getting ready has led us up to this point of no excuses. We are now ready to stop working for a house on the property in a city where everyone one would kill to live in. Now we need to go out and find out what our lives were meant for, our purpose. We are making our lists for 2018 and launching a new vision for our game of life in which we will make the rules as the moments unfurl. We wish everyone success in the realization of their dreams for the new year and if you get a chance follow us so we can exchange life stories. We hope the new year will be a wild ride of journeys and joys. Happy New Year! CHA CHA y’all.

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